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At the start of this new year, the state of California enacted new child support laws. These changes are meant to create a fair and more inclusive system for everyone. With the passing of AB 1755, there are new guidelines and operational procedures for calculating and enforcing support. 

What is the new child support law in California in 2024? Let’s take a look at how it could affect you. 

Repeal of Expedited Support Order Provisions

Under AB 1755, there was a repeal of existing provisions that allowed California courts to make expedited support orders. Now, there will be a more thorough evaluation of all cases. The reason for this change was to make sure that all child support orders reflect the circumstances of both parents. 

But those were not the only changes under the new law. 

Revision of Child Support Guidelines

Starting at the beginning of this year, there is a new way to calculate income for the payments, including more focus on the parent’s earning capacity. With that, these support orders are based on a realistic assessment of a parent’s financial situation.

On September 1, 2024, there will be revisions to the statewide uniform guideline for determining child support. These updates include:

  • Adjustment amounts: There are adjustments to the amounts to be paid. The courts will look at several factors when making a decision in these cases. In many cases, the cost of living in some regions of the state and the number of children can all play a role in these calculations.
  • Low-income adjustment: Parents with low incomes often struggle to make payments. Now, the guidelines allow a rebuttable presumption for low-income adjustments.
  • Healthcare and childcare costs: There are also additional rules for using orders to pay for uninsured health care and specified childcare costs. With that, it can help with the costs of additional financial burdens that many custodial parents face.

However, keep in mind that some of these changes might not take effect until 2026.

Other Procedural Changes

There are also additional procedural changes to improve the enforcement of child support orders. The custodial parent might often not receive support while the legal matters are handled in court. However, there are provisions for temporary support orders that make sure the child gets support as these cases move through the family law courts. 

There is also a relief for parents who may be incarcerated. In some cases, their obligations are reduced until they can earn a sufficient income.

While not effective until January 2025, there is a new change to penalties for non-payment. Previously, these parents faced the risk of losing their driver’s license, which would have prevented them from maintaining employment and their child support obligations. Under SB 1055, these individuals will not have to worry about a license revocation. 

What Is the California State Budget Trailer Bill?

Previously, the state retained any government-owned debt from non-compliant payor parents. However, now the state will reimburse the custodial parent directly instead of using the money to reimburse the state. With that, parents who need the money the most will have access to these government funds.  

Learn More About Your Child Support Options

What is the new child support law in California in 2024? The Golden State has taken big steps toward creating a fairer, more efficient child support system. These updates benefit low-income individuals or parents working to maintain income and support their children. With these changes, families who need financial assistance have more means to access these funds. 

Despite these changes, many payor and payee parents are concerned about how these laws could affect them. If you have any questions about your child support obligations, you need to contact a family law lawyer in California. 

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