Michael Zatlin


Since graduating magna cum laude from Western State University College of Law, Michael has focused his law practice almost exclusively on Family Law – including divorce, separation, paternity, child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, domestic violence issues, adoptions and guardianships.

Michael has appeared in court on behalf of clients all over Southern California. He considers Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Orange Counties to be his home turf, and is well known to the Judges and courtroom staff in courthouses all across these counties. Michael is a member in good standing of the Southwest Riverside County Bar association, and participates in monthly meetings in order to stay abreast of current legal trends. Michael also volunteers his expertise at pro-bono events sponsored by the association, offering legal assistance and advice to those who otherwise would not be able to afford an attorney.

Michael is a strong believer in fairness, and a fierce advocate for his clients. From the beginning, Michael listens carefully to his client’s stories, and ensures when appearing in Court on their behalf, that the Court hears and seriously considers his clients needs and wishes, as well as the best interests of their minor children. Nothing satisfies Michael more than a favorable outcome for his clients, as he realizes how important it is for his clients to be financially secure, that there is a fair division of assets, and that the needs of the minor children are taken care of so that the children’s well being and sense of security are preserved.

Michael has a strong sense of justice, and is personally committed to ensuring that if a client of his is a victim of domestic violence, his client will be protected for the maximum time allowed by statute, and if need be, that he or she gets permanent protection if a restraining order needs to be renewed. Michael also understands that sometimes a person will be falsely accused of domestic violence by the other party in order to gain an advantage in a divorce proceeding, and if he determines that this is the case, will fight ferociously to clear the falsely accused person’s name.

Although it is good to have Michael on one’s side in the courtroom, Michael is of the belief that if the parties can settle without litigation, it is better. In a dissolution, the parties will each need to preserve their assets as much as possible, and Michael would rather see the bulk of the community estate split by the parties and potentially go towards their children’s needs rather than spent on needless legal fees. Michael is always willing to negotiate, but he will not settle for anything that he believes is unfair to his client. He is a fierce advocate for his clients in and out of the courtroom, and is eager to keep his clients informed and supported throughout the process.